Frequently Asked Questions

We want you to be as informed as possible so here are some common questions about custom closet solutions in general and Your Closet Company specifically. We love questions so if you are in the process of deciding if and how to pursue a custom closet solution and you don’t see your question here, give us a call at 865-805-2466 and we’ll be glad to help you. 

  1. Do I need a custom closet solution?

If your closet works well for your current needs, then the answer is ‘no’. But, if you want your closet to be more attractive or if it’s just not that functional in terms of storage or organization then you could benefit from a custom closet. A custom solution allows you to make your closet work better for your specific needs and tastes.

  1. How expensive is a custom solution?

With any custom product, the cost can vary widely depending on the amount of material used, type of material, and design complexity. In general, custom solutions will be a little more expensive than DIY kits or conventional white, wire racks but Your Closet Company is dedicated to maximizing your value by designing to your needs, using high quality, durable materials and providing superior service including professional installation.  

  1. What’s involved in the process?

To begin the process, our experienced closet designer will meet with you, in your home. They will ask questions and look at your space to learn about your needs and wishes in order to develop design options that will deliver the best solution at the best price for you. They will also take precise measurements. Within a week of the initial meeting, the Designer will deliver (by email or in person, whichever you prefer) design plans and images for you to review and make suggestions. Once the design is set, it will be custom manufactured. Finally, our professional Installer will schedule a date with you to install your new closet. 

  1. How long will it take?

The whole process- from initial meeting to installation usually takes about 4-5 weeks. 

  1. Who manufactures your closet systems?

Your Closet Co. works closely with our Tennessee based manufacturing partner to custom craft your order from your specific design plan. 

  1. How long has Your Closet Co. been in business?

We opened in 2018 and, while we’re not the oldest company around, we are determined to become the best choice for anyone seeking a high quality, custom closet at a fair price. 

  1. Do you have a showroom?

Expensive showrooms can add cost to your finished plan and aren’t necessary in order to design a custom closet solution that’s right for you. Instead, our experienced Designers will come to your home to learn directly about your space and hear your needs and objectives. With sample images, 3D design software and material samples, you’ll be assured that the closet solution you order will meet your needs.  

  1. What is the product made of?

Custom closet systems can use different materials including solid wood, wood veneer, wire, and composite wood panels. Your Closet Company uses composite wood panels with a thermally fused laminated surface. 

  1. How durable is the material?

Composite wood panels are very tough and long lasting especially since all our panels are 3/4” thick, as opposed to 1/2″ or 5/8” thick panels used with some systems. The laminate surfaces come in a variety of colors and patterns and are fused to the composite wood and provide an attractive, stain resistant and easy to clean surface.

  1. What is the warranty, and what does it cover?

Your Closet Co. offers a limited lifetime warranty against all manufacturing and material defects.

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