Read This Before Adding A Stylish Walk-In Pantry

What’s the secret to keeping a kitchen spotless? The answer can be found with some help from behind the scenes.

Your kitchen is undoubtedly the heart and soul of your household. Our kitchens are increasingly exposed and on display; as our homes grow, the more open concept and our kitchens merge with our living and dining areas. While this is great for building connections, it isn’t ideal if you’re a messy chef or don’t have time to clean up after each meal or prep time.

Walk-in pantries are an excellent alternative if you don’t want to spend time keeping your kitchen clean. This handy cluster buster is a chef’s best friend as well as an entertainer’s fantasy. They can be utilized to cook, store gadgets, and, most importantly, hide trash – especially during a dinner party!

How Much Does It Cost?

Walk-in pantries can cost anywhere from $1,090 to $2,940 to build, with an average of $2,010. A reach-in pantry can set you back $250 to $1,500, while a walk-in pantry will set you back $750 to $3,500. The cost of your project will rise if you use high-end materials like hardwood doors, open shelves, kitchen design, drawers, cabinets, etc.

The cost will be substantially more extraordinary if you have to knock down walls or build an addition, possibly upwards of $5,000. Any considerable restoration work will also require permits, quickly adding to the cost.

DIY vs. Hire a Pro

Because of the project’s complexity, it’s preferable to employ a professional rather than attempting to build a pantry, especially a large walk-in pantry yourself. For example, a professional from Your Closet Company will guarantee that the walls are strong enough to hold the weight and that all of the shelving is up to your standards. In addition, if you’re installing electricity in your pantry, you’ll need to work with a professional. Working with electrical components carries many risks, and if done incorrectly, can have disastrous effects.

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Key Tips To Remember

A walk-in allows you to save time and money by reducing the number of visits to the store. With plainly accessible storage, you can create menu decisions quickly and consume things before they expire. Adding a pantry may necessitate relocating other kitchen activities, so plan to ensure that you have enough space for your pantry design that meets your family’s demands. Here are some suggestions for creating the ideal walk-in pantry:

Careful measuring of existing space will ensure that your pantry runs smoothly and does not obstruct other substantial kitchen traffic.

Even though some pantry goods, such as packaged and canned food, may seem self-evident, each family’s needs are distinct. To personalize storage, make a list of the main items you keep on a routine basis, especially if you only have a small space. Also, include a space to store your cookware collections and small appliances in your kitchen.

If your walk-in pantry is quite open, aligning the finishes to the core kitchen is vital. Consider using less expensive materials if you need to save money, and your walk-in pantry isn’t entirely open and on display. You can also add a sliding door or consider open shelving.

In your walk-in pantry, aim to include as much bench space as feasible. As many power points as possible should be included, allowing you to plug in and operate the appliance on the benchtop, ensuring that it is always ready for use.

For modernized homemakers, storing canned, packaged, and fried meals in a cool, dry location enhances shelf life and minimizes oxidation and spoilage.

It’s easy to prioritize storage capacity over walking and standing room when designing the layout of your walk-in pantry. So make sure you have the right measurement for your aisle.

To have a well-designed pantry, task lighting is essential. Consider installing a motion sensor LED light when the door is opened. This is a great function when you have an armful of grocery bags. Consider adding a window to your pantry if it’s built against an exterior wall to let the natural light in.

Walk-in Pantry: A Life Changer!

Today, 85 percent of home buyers consider a kitchen pantry a vital feature of their cooking space. Even in existing houses, an increasing number of people are considering expanding or enhancing their pantries. A walk-in pantry (large or small) can be a game-changer. It makes meal preparation, cleanup, and storage a breeze. A gorgeous pantry can also give a lovely touch to your kitchen. We hope these pantry ideas and recommendations help you design your pantry storage!

If you are in Southeast Tennessee and Northwest Georgia and need a custom pantry, we can help you. You can choose from low-cost to high-end custom room designs. Our procedure assures that you get the results you desire as quickly as possible, with minimal hassle.

Don’t put off getting a perfect walk-in pantry any longer! Get in touch with us today to begin designing the kitchen of your dreams.