6 Points To Consider In Planning Your Custom Closet System

Are you ready for a closet makeover? There are several different styles of the closet system and organizers available to meet the needs of each household, just as there are many different types and shapes of closets. Closet organizers have saturated the home renovation industry in recent years, so several solutions are available, ranging from custom to DIY schemes.

Closets, the same with other household items, now come with a slew of bells and whistles. If it’s just a place to store clothes or, as is increasingly the case, a dressing room or living room, the closet space must be adaptable, durable, and easy to use. In line with that, there are factors or points that an individual needs to consider when planning to build a custom closet system. 

These considerations assist you in making a tentative decision, which allows you to make an educated decision about your custom closet plans. Here are some of the things you should consider.

Consider Your Closet Space

Is your new custom closet space big enough for your needs if you’re only starting with renovations? If not, is the room beside big enough to give up some space build your new closet determines how much more storage space it can take up. It is essential to consider the details of your desired closet measurements to carefully choose the dimensions for the hanging rods, hanging storage, and other things for the hanging sections of your dream custom walk-in closet. 

The advantage of a custom closet design is that if space is built correctly, you would no longer use the large dresser in the neighboring room, freeing up the same, if not more, space that you might add to your closet.

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The closet’s organizational style would be influenced by the behaviors and the intent of the closet. Create an inventory of the different items you want to store in your wardrobe and use it to decide. To give you an idea, consider having sections for shoe storage, shoe cabinets, hanging items, bags, clothes, and other personal collections. If you intend to keep large or small objects, consider how they will blend in and how much you will need to use them.


The primary feature of accessories is to arrange your belongings. Second, they have a design aesthetic that can draw attention to space. Consider if you prefer something more minimalistic, where you can take your clothes, shoes, accessories, and have adjustable shelves to install then go, or whether you want to create a wet, welcoming, and calming atmosphere.

What about Lighting?

Lighting will turn an ordinary closet into a showroom-worthy one. A dark closet makes it difficult to find what you need quickly. Discover the best option for lighting your wardrobe. However, you can consider closet lighting until you’ve decided on a template for your shelving.

LED lighting enhances your room and floor, thereby saving you money on electricity. Lighting will turn a large closet into a personal boutique, from spotlights over show shelves to a lighted shoe closet.

Consider Your Budget

A custom closet system or walk-in closet has architectural elements that are tailored to individual requests. Their styles vary from ready-made closets, allowing you to fix specific storage issues in your house. Many factors will influence the price of your design. Some things that will matter are the wire systems, wall anchors, wire shelving, shelves, ceiling, back wall, and other materials needed. The more specifications you have, the more expensive your custom design wardrobe would be.

Have You Thought To Ask Help From Professionals?

Redesigning your closet is a huge challenge, so it’s wise to enlist the assistance of experts. When you’ve decided on your specifications, the next and final step is to find a firm that will supply you with the finest closet design services.

Your Closet Company is a dedicated closet design company that can create personalized and originally designed closets to meet your needs. We have been building out custom closet organizers, storage areas, and houses for nearly four decades. If you are near Chattanooga and its surrounding areas, we can help you. Your Closet Company specialize in custom closets, walk-in closets, and home office.