Select from Affordable to More Upscale Closet Designs.  There’s a closet here for everyone.


Custom closets can be very cool and exciting. There are so many things that we can do a closet these days. And, gone are the days of a boring one bar for hanging and the floor for shoes. We have all kinds of custom closet system options for Chattanooga that will be perfect to make your closet function the way you need it to. Take a look around and you’ll see we aren’t just about closets. We work with homeowners to bring their boring walk-in closet to spectacular with our custom closet solutions. But, we can also spruce up the laundry room or entry area. There are all kinds of amazing things we can do with your walk-in closet as a custom closet company Chattanooga, TN. If you are looking to get the very best closet for you and your needs, look no further than Your Closet Company to assist.

Custom Closet Company Chattanooga

There are all kinds of things that we can add to your custom closet system designs. Things such as hanging baskets, draws, lighting, and hanging bars. We can even incorporate iron boards, jewelry displays, and a seating area. Remember this is your closet and will be custom designed for your needs. We work with everyone in the Chattanooga area to design the closet of their dreams. If you are looking for amazing closet ideas, take your search to the internet. And give your custom closet company Chattanooga TN a call.


Sure closet companies can design something up that is perfect for you. But, if you have some ideas of what you like and don’t like, this is very helpful for our designers to come up with ideas that are perfect for you. Things such as if you like the dark rich woods or a lighter airy white can really give us a place to start. There are all kinds of materials and looks that your closet can take shape with. So, take some time and look around and see what there is to offer. Of course, our website has some pretty amazing closet ideas on it as well.

We love to design a walk-in closet, they are our specialty. However, the boring linen closet can also get an amazing facelift as well as an accent wall. If you have a wall that you’d like to put some built-in shelves into as well as maybe have a place for your t.v. we have the perfect designs for you! We work with clients to get them their amazing walk-in closet, however, many want to take it one set further. Our designers are so amazing at getting creative and helping our clients get the most out of their custom designs, and it shows.

Go ahead and pick up the phone, we are here to help and take into account your amazing ideas for your very own custom walk-in closet. Call Your Closet Company and get a custom closet solution. And, if you have other ideas such as a new laundry room storage idea, we can help with that as well. We work with our clients to find better custom storage solutions for all of their needs.