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Custom reach-in closet

Here at Your Closet Company, we believe in working with space that you already have. If you don’t have enough space for a walk-in closet, we can make your reach-in closet work for you. Yes, gone are the days of a closet that only have a basic bar for hanging and floor space for shoes. As a closet company, we have had all kinds of requests for a custom reach-in closet. Some of the unique requests are to make them into a small office where the closet will hold the entire office, including the desk. This is a great option if you are limited on space and need to do work from home from time to time. A Reach-in closet has all kinds of uses today and we are here to help! 

chattanooga reach in closet system
reach in closet

Just because you don’t have a walk-in closet doesn’t mean that it cannot be fabulous. Let our team of designers work with you to make your reach-in closet amazing. Let Your Closet Company maximize your space and give you the closet you’ve always dreamed of. We work with our clients to come up with the best custom closet design Chattanooga possible. Our custom closet systems come with hampers, baskets, adjustable shelves and drawers and so much more. We can pack a lot of function into a small reach-in closet. So, if you are looking for the perfect closet company to transform your boring closet into something fabulous, call Your Closet Company Today. 

Custom Storage Solutions

We offer custom closet design Chattanooga and surrounding areas. We will come in, take some measurements and go over what you like and don’t like. Our goal as a closet company is to meet and exceed your expectations. We work with not only closets but laundry rooms and living rooms, well, just about any place that you need a storage solution. Our custom closet system is designed with you in mind. Each step of the journey to building your own custom closet system will involve you and your approval. We want everything to be perfect when we design and build your custom closet design Chattanooga.

reach in closet

Everyone knows what a reach in coat closet looks like. But, what if we took that closet to another level and maximize its capacity. You could not only get more coats in the closet but they would be less crowded and easy to find. Let our team that are amazing at custom closet design experts go to work for you. We have all kinds of various solutions and ideas for custom closet system ideas and are happy to discuss them with you.

During our custom closet design consultation, we will go over what you are looking to achieve with the design. keep in mind how you live and like to have your clothing stored, as this is important. Some people like to fold more than hanging and for them, we offer shelves and drawers. And, that is another point, if you like the storage open or a more closed look. Give us a call and we can further assist you in your custom closet design today!