Custom Closet System Ideas

Customizing your dream closet space

There is a popular phrase that says there is a place for everything and everything has its place.  This is most certainly true when you have a custom closet system designed around your particular likes and interests.  Surely, you’ll love having one. Whether the room is too small or you have a big space where you want it to be. We want to build a custom closet that will meet your every need and make sure that it is the best closet that you can have.

Anchoring the space with a hutch

Many of us have two sets of clothing, business and casual.  It is important for us to store these two separately to ensure that getting ready is quick and painless. A hutch in the center of the closet system is a natural way of doing this and keeps things from getting blended and free from clutter. A beautiful hanging space where you can organize your clothing, making it easier for you to choose what to wear. This also assists in putting us in the right frame of mind when approaching our reach in closet. 

Maximizing the floor to ceiling closet space.

Maximize the space by going floor to ceiling. This is a budget friendly idea wherein you will not spend a lot. You can use bins as a storage organizer and simply tuck it under your bed or closet storage. Another is by having double bars in the closet storage or having a chest on the floor and a bar across, depending on your needs.  This allows relatable items to be together. You can also customize a rack or add a shelving storage underneath your closet.

custom closets system

Including deep drawers as a storage

It can be used as a closet shelving by incorporating drawers in the closet area, you have less need for other furniture in the bedroom space. You can also use shoe boxes or other unused boxes to keep small things organized and they are easy to access. This allows you to keep all your clothing items in one spot.  It also helps maintain a more restful sort of environment in the bedroom with less clutter and complexity. 

Using a closet hutch surface as a catchall

Emptying your pockets is something we all do at the end of the night. Why not have a place for it in your closet so that it will be right there waiting in the morning.  Make a space for your keys, wallet, and daily jewelry that you take off while sleeping.  This will help you refrain from cluttering up your bedroom.

Use all the closet space provided

The idea is to use up every square inch of your closet with your custom closet design features.  The custom closet design ideas should be built around you.  Some of us will use more rod space to double hang more clothing and less shelf space while it can be the complete opposite for others.  Take note of what you have to fill that space and you can build your reach in closet around that.

While everyone has a different and unique approach to their closet organization, one is certain, we all need a place for everything to be organized.  Let’s sit down and take a look at the various solutions for what you have in your storage space.  

For example, there are some people that have a large number of shoes.  Others might have a set of neckties that they like to have complete access to. These closets would be set up very differently from one another.  Also, some people have more business attire due to their job than others.  This is all taken into account when designing the perfect closet organization for you. Maybe you have a collection of something that you want on display that is inspiring and motivating. Perhaps you have a nice collection of watches that need to have movement in order to maintain the time.  These are all things that can be taken into account when you are designing your new closet.