What Is A Custom Closet System?

As you move through life, you start collecting a lot of stuff to bring back home with you. A good number of these things end up going into your closet. Before you realize it, you have a closet that is full of different types of clothing and shoes. 

In most cases, you are in too much of a hurry to notice that something just isn’t right with the set up. You are obviously rushing to get to work, or even preparing for that outing you had been yearning for in quite some time now. However, you are not that busy that you couldn’t find time to take a good look at your closet. 

When it finally hit you, you saw how disorganized it was.

This is the point where you started asking yourself various questions, all of which led to one conclusion.

You have to get a custom closet system.

But what exactly is a custom closet system?

While the house was under construction, you may not have had the opportunity to put down the specific needs of your closeting system. You found it already in place. Now that you have moved in and have gathered some few things that you like, the closet system doesn’t really work for you. 

A custom closet system is meant to cure all that. A custom closet simply is a means of putting together different shelves, cabinets, drawers, hanging space and hanging rods that are custom made to fit your needs, and the closet space you have available. 

There are two ways in which you can get yourself a custom closet design. If you are adept at making measurements and are imaginative enough to draw compartments you could place your stuff in, by all means go ahead. This would also mean having to put everything together yourself, or getting the help of a handyman. 

You could also rely on a designer if you don’t trust your own design acumen. They would be better placed to take stock of the things that you have in your closet, and then work around the storage space that you have to come up with a solution that will work best for you going forward. 

If anything, going with a designer is the best decision that you can make as they always provide a wide variety of options. They can better visualize the space you have to come up with one or a combination of these types of closet organization system as well as a custom designed one.

Custom closets system

1. Reach-in closets

Not every home is blessed with space, or the illusion of it. This is true of condos, studios or some row houses. In these cases, a reach-in closet makes more sense and can even add some interest to a room. It is a kind of closet storage that maximizes every space.

2. Walk-in closets

These have become well known among other closet systems. They are great for homes that have extra rooms for closet storage needs. A walk-in closet means more room to organize all your stuff from clothing, shoes even to the kid’s toys. Walk-in closets are the most dreamed custom closet design among the custom closet organization system.

3. Utility areas

Closets are not only good for your clothing, shoes and kids’ toys. If you have a garage, you will need someplace to store your tools neatly and ordinately. Garage closets oftentimes have wall hanging space for the tools, shelves drawers making it the storage you want to have.