Important Things To Consider When Redoing A Bedroom Closet

Bedroom ClosetA walk-in closet design can be a fun project.  Taking a closet that is large but not set up correctly can mean significant space improvements.  We offer custom closet systems for walk-in and regular closets.  We help you get organized with our custom closet systems and talk to you about what is important to you.  Some people, for example, like to fold their clothing rather than hang it. Others hang everything and have very little folded.  With this sort of information, our professional closet designers are dedicated to the craft of designing the perfect closet for you. Take your time to think about what it is you want out of your closet. Do you need more space to change in there, or do you bring your clothing to the bedroom or bathroom for changing?  

There are entire closet organizing systems that go together to bring you more organized than ever before. We work with our clients to bring them the system that is right for their needs.  Basic closets are so boring and don’t have the proper storage, which eventually leads to a messy closet.   However, we have all kinds of closet solutions to choose from.  You can have bars for hanging, drawers for dressers, shelves, and various storage solutions for just about anything and everything.  So it is important to consider how you store your clothing, shoes, and accessories.

Building your perfect closet system

Go ahead, and if you can dream it, we can build it!  If you have some amazing ideas and want someone to build it, we are happy to help. We work with you to bring you the very best custom closet solution for you.  There are various materials to choose from as well as color options.  

Staying organized is important to keep your life simple.  If you have everything set up in your closet to grab and go, you’ll be ready for anything.  Our custom closets are spacious and roomy with a place for everything.  Gone are the days of dumping everything you own onto a couple of shelves.  Take into account how you want your clothing to be grouped.  Do you want to have all business attire separate from casual?  

You need to consider how much space you need for each category.  Our custom bedroom closet can be designed to your unique taste.  We take into consideration your wardrobe and even offer places for your accessories to be stored.  From shoes to handbags and everything in between, it will all have a place in your new closet.  We will work with you to find your organization flow and design your closet around you.  This will be a custom closet design will be perfectly made for you by our custom closet system designers.  We work with people all the time in designing their closets. 

We will ask some simple questions and show you some of the various building materials we have to work with.  They can show you some of the systems that we have designed in the past, which will give you some visuals on what we can do with our custom closet systems.  

Your Closet, Your Way

Let our Your Closet Company designers, craftsman, and installers work with your dream closet today! Backed with years of experience and sufficient knowledge about the field, we guarantee a result that’s quick and convenient for you and your home. Our closet design team will work with you to understand your needs, style and objectives and develop a proposal for your review. Join our long list of satisfied clients in Chattanooga, TN! Schedule an appointment with our experts today!

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